“Non-Scale Victories” in Weight Loss

“Non-Scale Victories” in Weight Loss

It’s important to stay motivated even when the scale isn’t moving. Our bodies can still be changing even if the numbers on the scale are not. Keep an ongoing list of NSVs to reflect back on should the reflection of the scale let you down.

Here is a list of some of my non food related NSVs throughout my weight loss journey:

  1. The waistline on my pants is looser.
  2. I need to wear a belt.
  3. I feel comfortable in a fitted dress.
  4. My shoes are loose.
  5. I received compliments on my weight loss / appearance.
  6. I walked 3 miles today.
  7. I have more energy.
  8. I chose to work out vs. eat lunch out.
  9. My grocery bill went down.
  10. My blood pressure is lower.
  11. I am wearing bright colors vs all black and brown.
  12. I am craving water.
  13. I didn’t need a seatbelt extender on my flight to California.
  14. I was able to clean my entire house without taking a break.
  15. It was easy for me to get out of bed all week.
  16. I am shopping for a smaller size pant.
  17. My skirts are too big.
  18. I can keep up with my kids at the park.
  19. I’m smiling more often because I am happy.
  20. I enjoy shopping for formal wear for an upcoming wedding.
  21. I bought an exercise ball to use as my office chair at work.
  22. My level of physical activity has greatly increased.

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when you are weighing yourself frequently.  Stay positive and focused on the over all goal; optimal health!  NSV (Non Scale Victories) are as equally important as losing lbs.


About our author:  Karen Gillman is a leading voice in attesting to the potential benefits of gastric band surgery. After reaching 300 lbs, Karen turned to weight loss surgery to help her drop the weight and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle, choosing the Lap-Band gastric band. She utilized the gastric band for ten years, losing 145 lbs in total, which led her to write a book detailing the “before-during-and after” of the experience, entitled, “It’s Never Too Late’  A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery.”  She is now on a mission to help others combat their battle with obesity by providing proven, practical life-skills.


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