Advice On How to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

Advice On How to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

Recently I received an email asking if I had any advice on how this person should be thinking, or any concerns she should have before her upcoming surgery date.

After pondering the question and taking my mind back to what I was thinking and feeling in September / November of 2004, in conjunction to what I know now…this was the advice I gave.

First, I would focus on prayer.  You are going to need it.  Pray for clarity and the desire for life-change and a new lifestyle. Take time to prepare your mind for the ridding of all your bad habits.

Enjoy your favorite meals now.  Really, truly enjoy them.  If there is a favorite fast-food you enjoy, or one of Mama’s homemade meals…have it now.  And when you are ready, before your surgery, consciously break-up with each of those meals.  When I say “break-up,” I mean in terms of breaking up with a bad boy/girl friend.  The relationship has not served you well and will not have a place in your new lifestyle.  Enjoy it, and then make a commitment to permanently remove it from your future. In the future, you will be able to eat these foods again. But in your weight loss phase you will want to keep temptations at a minimum. Therefore; enjoy these foods now and then kiss them goodbye.

When YOU say goodbye you escape feeling deprived. Instead, you made the choice.  Nobody took it away from you or left you.  You made the decision because it is what is best for your (awesome) new future.

Wear your favorite clothes now. We all have them. A favorite blouse, suit or even comfy sweat pants. Wear them now. Sooner than you think your body will be going down in size and you will not be able to enjoy them.

Take pictures. You may hate your body and self – but do it anyway. In a few years this time in your life will be a memory.

Learn to embrace change. Practice the effort every day. Remove the ‘t’ from can’t.

Make a list of who you have on your support team. This does not mean every friend or co-worker you know.  It means who can you lean on for prayer, accountability, honesty, rejoicing over victories, the tears that will come and let down’s that are bound to happen.  Who are your scaffolding that are available for you in your real times of need?  Identify who is on that list because there will come a time when you need them.

Lastly, remember, fear and faith cannot exist at the same time.  In your moments of fear – choose faith.  Be hopeful about the days to come.  You are embarking on a life changing journey!  I am excited for you and the new life you are about to create.

Grace and Gratitude,


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Author:  Karen Gillman is a leading voice in attesting to the potential benefits of gastric band surgery. After reaching 300 lbs, Karen turned to weight loss surgery to help her drop the weight and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle, choosing the Lap-Band gastric band. She utilized the gastric band for ten years, losing 145 lbs in total, which led her to write a book detailing the “before-during-and after” of the experience, entitled, “It’s Never Too Late’  A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery.”  She is now on a mission to help others combat their battle with obesity by providing proven, practical life-skills.

Karen Gillman – Living Large AFTER Weight Loss Surgery!

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