Can I Feel My Lap-Band?

Can I Feel My Lap-Band?

The answer is; no, I can’t. It’s impossible for me to feel my Lap-Band because there is no “feeling” on the outside of the stomach or in organs surrounding the place where the band is.

Mentally I know it is there. And when I eat, I feel restriction and am immediately reminded that it is there. But I cannot physically feel my Lap-Band.

The mental reminder in combination with the feeling of restriction is what helps me, on a long-term basis, from over indulging.

The band is a tool that I have committed my life to learning how to use to optimize my health and maintain my weight.

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What other questions do you have about life after Lap-Band surgery? Post your questions here. I am happy to answer with my personal testimonies.

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Author: Karen Gillman is a leading voice in attesting to the potential benefits of gastric band surgery. After reaching 300 lbs, Karen turned to weight loss surgery to help her drop the weight and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle, choosing the Lap-Band gastric band. She utilized the gastric band for ten years, losing 145 lbs in total, which led her to write a book detailing the “before-during-and after” of the experience, entitled, “It’s Never Too Late’ A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery.” She is now on a mission to help others combat their battle with obesity by providing proven, practical life-skills.

Karen Gillman – Living Large AFTER Weight Loss Surgery!

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