Can You Feel a Lap-Band Port?

Can You Feel a Lap-Band Port?

Can I feel my Lap-Band port?

Some of you may be reading this and saying, ‘”what is a PORT?”  A gastric band, commonly known as the Lap-Band®, is a silicon band that is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. On
 the inside of the band is a balloon. Attached to the balloon is a tube that attaches on the other side to a port that is located just under the skin typically placed closer to the belly button.   See image below.

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For the first year and a half following my surgery, it was difficult for me to feel my port unless I pressed very hard on my abdomen and felt around.  Now, mind you, at this time I was carrying more than 100+ lbs on my body and my waistline was inches thicker.

As time went by and I continued to shed lbs, my waistline became smaller and the port positioned itself closer to the surface of my skin.  The first few times I felt my port without searching for it (by my pants waistband or my rib cage touching it) it was a realization that I had really lost a lot of weight!

The port is similar to what you would see at the end of a stethoscope, only smaller.  It does not hurt or cause discomfort.  Now that I have been living with my band for over eleven years I barely even remember it is there.

I’ve also been asked if I am uncomfortable with a device being placed inside my body on a permanent basis. My answer is, “no.” It is no different than a pacemaker, plastic joint, steel rod or other medical devise that is used to help an individual achieve optimal health.  The Lap-Band helps me maintain a healthy weight and BMI — one that I was unable to obtain/maintain prior to my surgery.

Can I feel my Lap-Band?  This question was answered in my last article, which can be found here.

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Author:  Karen Gillman is a leading voice in attesting to the potential benefits of gastric band surgery. After reaching 300 lbs, Karen turned to weight loss surgery to help her drop the weight and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle, choosing the Lap-Band gastric band. She utilized the gastric band for ten years, losing 145 lbs in total, which led her to write a book detailing the “before-during-and after” of the experience, entitled, “It’s Never Too Late’  A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery.”  She is now on a mission to help others combat their battle with obesity by providing proven, practical life-skills.

Karen Gillman – Living Large After Weight Loss Surgery

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