Fitness Tips for Lap-Band® Newbies

Fitness Tips for Lap-Band® Newbies

Now that the holidays are behind us (and all of the cookies, candy and fruit cakes), it’s time to refocus and get headed toward weight loss goals!  Staying active can be challenging if you are not a lover of cold weather.  We all know it is easier to bundle up in a cozy blanket and hit the couch than to get movin’ and burning calories.

No matter what your fitness level is, it’s never to late to get movin‘!  You are the only one who can do it.  Wherever your activity level sits today, rejoice and get ready to move on.  Start small and don’t give up.  Every step is one step closer to living a healthier today. Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside out.


Here are a few tips to help you motivate to move:

  • Make a list of the fitness activities you would like to try.  Trial and error will end up telling you if a particular activity is something you want to get better at and incorporate into your new lifestyle, or if you just want to be a spectator of that particular sport.  Make a list of your interests and dig in slowly!
  • Try something new like volleyball, racquetball, basketball or hiking.  You may be saying to yourself, ‘How do I get started if I haven’t exercised in years’?  If you want to start playing volleyball and you are not used to vigorous exercise, get a ball and start bouncing it around.  Get comfortable with the movements and then move up the next phase.  Bounce the ball off a wall and practice volleying.  Find a friend and have some fun volleying back and forth until you’ve build up your stamina and are ready to give the net a try.  Depending on your current level of activity, these steps may last a few days up to a few weeks. The goal is to enjoy the process and learn new ways to incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle.
  • Take a class.  Yoga, step aerobics, water aerobics.  Don’t let your fitness level, or lack of, deter you from getting started.  Visit the class, volunteer to assist, take a place in the back of the class, join the class for the first 5 – 10 minutes and work your way up.  Be brave and just get started. Any little increment of physical activity is going to be a great boost to weight loss and feeling better.
  • Dancing.  Whether you want to hang out at the club and dance the night away, or grab your mate and ballroom dance at the company Christmas party …  How do I get started?  One of the great things about dancing is you can do it anywhere — anytime.  Alone, with friends, or in a group setting.  Want to learn a particular style of dancing and are intimidated by joining a class?  Youtube is your friend.  You can learn how to do just about anything by searing Youtube.  Search, research, practice and get moving!

Healthy living (including fitness) is a skill you improve at, not a thing you just “do.”  Most people don’t expect to be able to do difficult things without training, whether it’s a new job, playing the piano, or learning a language. There’s no reason to expect that when it comes to exercise, diet, nutrition, or any other element of healthy living. Remember, the goal is to make positive changes that stand the test of time. Short term weight loss plans, bursts of exercise, and fad diets have been proven over and over again to be ineffective.

My first fitness effort, and my most successful to-date is a walking routine.  Look for my next blog that shares my walking story!

Grace & Gratitude,

Karen Gillman 5



lap band book karen gillmanAuthor:  Karen Gillman is a leading voice in attesting to the potential benefits of gastric band surgery. After reaching over 300 lbs, Karen turned to weight loss surgery to help her drop the weight and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle, choosing the Lap-Band gastric band. She utilized the gastric band for ten years, losing 145 lbs in total, which led her to write a book detailing the “before-during-and after” of the experience, entitled, “It’s Never Too Late’  A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery.”  She is now on a mission to help others combat their battle with obesity by providing proven, practical life-skills.

Karen Gillman – Living Large AFTER Weight Loss Surgery!

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