How Listing Calorie Counts On Restaurant Menus Can Help Beat Obesity


According to the Daily Mail, chain restaurants that voluntarily list calorie counts on their menus offer customers healthier foods, according to a new study. The study from Johns Hopkins University found out that on average the menus feature almost 140 fewer calories per item than the ones that do not post the information.

The study’s co-author Julia Wolfson states that “if other chain restaurants follow this same trend once mandatory menu labelling goes into effect, it could significantly improve the restaurant environment for consumers. This could get consumers to eat healthier without having to change their behaviour, something that is a very difficult thing to do and sustain.”

From December 2016, all American chain restaurants with more than 20 outlets will be required to post calories on their menus. Doing this, there is a huge potential to extremely reduce obesity levels across the US.

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