NutriBullet Awards Five Schools in NutriLiving UNI Project

NutriBullet Awards Five Schools in NutriLiving UNI Project

NutriBullet LLCHealth and wellness brand, NutriBullet LLC recently gave $10,000 worth of fresh products, NutriBullet units, and guidelines to several schools across the country for the NutriLiving UNI Project. The project will be conducted in the participating students’ classrooms, with complementary materials and ingredients for a smoothie or “Blast Bar.” The purpose of the initiative was to support five schools and promote knowledge on the importance of healthy eating habits among children.

The 75 applicants sent a video explaining why they should be the winners. Out of these applications, NutriBullet selected the five that best that showed how their students would benefit from the project and the importance they give to nutrition.

Seward Middle School in Seward AK, El Verano Elementary in Sonoma, CA, Marina Del Rey Middle School in Los Angeles, CA, Lecanto Primary in Lecanto, FL, and River Road High School in Amarillo, TX were the schools that won the NutriLiving UNI Project. Their next step is to implement the method to quickly and easily maximize the consumption of vegetable and fruit by school children on a daily basis

“The ability to take this project across the nation shows there has been a significant cultural shift in the way our society views health,” said NutriBullet resident dietitian, Sarah Lefkowitz. “Health has become a priority to influencers and the momentum of the UNI project could make a significant impact in the fight to end childhood obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and other conditions related to poor diet.”

The campaign was designed similarly with the original UNI Project, wherein a registered dietitian from NutriBullet collaborated with the University High School (UNI) in Los Angeles to offer a 90-day course to 46 students. During the course, the dietitian educated the students on the importance of maximizing their consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as having a healthy diet.

The number of obese children in the United States has more than doubled, while the number of obese adolescents has quadrupled in the last 30 years, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Therefore, nutrition and childhood obesity have become national concerns. Obesity and poor lifestyle and nutrition choices can also precipitate a number of weight-related, and life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.


In other news on obesity, a new study entitled “A descriptive study of health status and health-related quality of life in selected outpatients with type 2 diabetes, pathological body mass index and cardiovascular risk in Spain” described behavioral and environmental factors that impact health status and health-related quality of life (HRqol) in obese-diabetic patients. The study was published in the journal Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome.

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