USG to Stage First Global Conference on Obesity, Related Chronic Disease

USG to Stage First Global Conference on Obesity, Related Chronic Disease

United Scientific Group (USG) will host the first International Conference on Obesity and Chronic Diseases (ICOCD) 2016.

The July 25 – 27 event, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is geared to bring academics, scientists, dietitians, surgeons, physicians, students, healthcare professionals, and global research institutions together to share experiences and foster collaborations dedicated to obesity and related diseases.

The conference, titled  “Discuss Link of Childhood and Adult Obesity to Other Chronic Diseases”, will feature presentations by renowned researchers to bolster understanding of the epidemical disease. According to the most recent information available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, more one-third of U.S. adults are obese. Conditions associated with obesity can range from type 2 diabetes to heart disease and some cancers making the condition both serious and costly.

The USG International Conference on Obesity and Chronic Diseases (ICOCD) 2016, will include:

  • The summit highlight, “Nutrition and Obesity Grant Opportunities through USDA and NIH,” provided by Dr. Deirdra N. Chester of the American National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and Dr. Tanya Agurs-Collins of the American National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS.
  • A detailed discussion and interactive symposium about the genetics of obesity, “Molecular Medicine and Functional Genomics of Energy Metabolism and Chronic Diseases”, organized by Jonny St. Amand, University Laval, Canada.
  • A keynote lecture, “The Role of Obesity and Gut Microbiota on Cancer Promotion,” from nutritionist and researcher Reza Hakkak, Chairman of the organizing committee of ICOCD 2016, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
  • Other speakers include:
    • Kazuwa Nakao, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, on “Achievement of Metabolic Syndrome and Abdominal Obesity (MERLOT) Study and Development of Dual Bia Method for Visceral Adiposity.”
    • Carolyn Dunn, North Carolina State University, on “Mindful Eating and Weight Loss Intervention – A Randomized Trial.”
    • Victor Romano, Johnson C. Smith University, on “Incorporating the Health Belief Model into Preventing Health Programs to Improve Participant Adherence and Outcomes.”
    • Christopher Jenkinson, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, on “Transcriptomic Identification of a Novel Obesity Gene.”

Throughout the 3-day conference, attendees will get a unique chance to network and become involved in inspiring and diverse discussions. Topics could include childhood obesity, obesity prevention and control, obesity effect on chronic diseases, new trends in surgical and non-surgical treatments for obesity, and other important issues and concerns.

The ICOCD 2016 conference will also provide opportunities to see and show innovative technologies, new products for obesity prevention, and myriad services of the pharmaceutical industry.

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