How Obesity Spreads in Social Networks


According to Scientific American, obesity can be influenced on how you behave in social networks. The people who you relate and that you’re friends with, can be a huge influence on how you turn out to be.

The article states that “to better understand the ways in which social norms might be influencing social clusters of obesity, Brewis and her colleagues interviewed 101 Arizona women aged 18 to 45—and 812 of their close social ties, including friends, spouses, family members, coworkers and others—about their attitudes toward body size. All subjects were questioned about their ideal size, their preference for being non-obese (relative to other conditions, such as being an alcoholic or blind), and how much stigma they associated with a person’s being overweight or obese. ”

In a study from May, the American Journal of Public Health, “drills down to see just how these social forces might be at work. The study of more than 100 women—and hundreds of their friends and family members—however, suggests that social attitudes might not be key in determining obesity clusters after all.”

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