Plus-Size Yoga: to Fight Obesity

Voluptuous Valerie Sagan is defying internet trolls with her eye-watering yoga bends. The 27-year-old, who buys her lycra in a size 22, has amassed over 95,000 followers on Instagram with her posts of complicated backbends, gravity defying headstands – and positive attitude. Super-stretchy Valerie, who weighs 238lbs, used to be painfully self-conscious about her size but is now spreading her message of body-positivity online. Yet her body-confidence has drawn criticism from vicious trolls who bully her about her weight. Despite negative comments Valerie gives advice plus-size girls and hopes to become a yoga teacher to women like her. She began to document her progress on Tumblr and Instagram and was soon winning an army of fans from plus-size yoga enthusiasts around the world.

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