Weight Loss Hypnosis: What You Need to Know


Losing weight can be challenging, particularly when remaining consistent in a weight loss program that involves dietary restrictions and exercise. Therefore, there are a series of medically supervised weight loss programs, including behavioral changes, pre-packed meals, pharmacotherapy and surgery. Additionally, there are alternative methods such as weight loss hypnosis or hypnotherapy, particularly when previous and more traditional attempts have failed.

Difficulties in maintaining a healthy diet or entering the cycle of “yo-yo dieting” are not uncommon problems which can make the management of a stable and healthy weight difficult and may be aggravated by stress, low self-esteem or feelings of boredom. Weight loss hypnosis is used to alter thinking patterns in order for a patient to be able to control their food cravings and eating habits. The treatment is expected to result in patients feeling more motivated to diet and less depressed.

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